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A blog, aimed at sharing of information about kitchen and food related factors that affect our health and safety. We also deliberate upon the importance of our eating habits and attitudes which influence our health in the long run. Moreover, knowledge of characteristics, health benefits and the right way to eat common food items is also shared.  

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Subjects pertaining to improvement and upkeep of our kitchen. These may include kitchen safety, kitchen tools and accessories and kitchen cleanliness and hygiene etc.

The aim is to make our kitchen’s working environment more safe, healthy, enjoyable and productive.

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Spices and herbs not only add flavor to our food but they also have numerous health benefits as well. This category shares knowledge of characteristics and health affects of various types of food items normally available in our kitchen. This information helps us make healthy eating choices and daily dietary preferences

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You are what you eat and how you eat! Whatever you eat, eat the right way. This category contains information to help us inculcate healthy eating habits and mannerism.

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